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This is the second crucial feature, following attendance recording, designed to meet the needs of employees. It includes all permissions such as leave, overtime, sick leave, and even monthly attendance reports.

Understand & Research

Before this awesome feature, employees had to apply for permits using boring old paper sheets. Let me tell you, it was a total disaster! Mountains of paper were wasted, important documents went missing, and the people who needed to sign them were never around when you needed them. Talk about a major hassle!

And don't even get me started on the impracticality and inefficiency of having to type those permissions over and over again. Oh, and when the printer decided to act up, it was like a wild goose chase trying to find a working one and waiting forever for the printing to finish. Trust me, it was a total time-suck and utterly mind-numbing!

My team and I had an awesome mission: to make a breakthrough by going digital! We tackled the challenge by figuring out the permits our employees needed, what forms could be used, and how to speed up the whole process until the permits were approved. We examined the situation, streamlined the steps, and voila! We digitized it all. Now, employees can easily request the permits they need, fill out the forms, and breeze through the approval process in no time.


Okay, for the main view, I'll add icons from the necessary menus. We don't need extra menus like customization or application settings such as dark mode or changing profile photos. It's all about displaying user data and menus for submitting requests.

Now, let's talk about the first flow I sketched out: applying for leave. I consulted with the relevant division about the data that can be displayed. This will help me design efficient flows. For instance, when filling out the leave application form, users no longer have to manually enter their name and employee identification number. It's automatically filled in to speed up the form-filling process. This automation is possible thanks to the integration with the existing HR system in the company. So, the programmer only needs to create an API to retrieve the data.

Furthermore, the available types of leave for employees depend on their entitlements. Then, there's a field where users can manually enter the date and reason for their leave. Lastly, users will choose their boss, who will approve the leave application based on HR system data that indicates the employee's direct supervisor. It's this seamless integration between systems that makes it easier to create concise and efficient UX flows.


Regarding the design, it's simple. I placed the menu icons upfront, using art that follows the same color scheme. Since the menu is limited, I needed to fill the remaining space with numerous pictures and colors to create a fuller appearance.

The primary colors of the PNMDigi application, blue and green, are still the chosen base colors. As for forms, I kept them even simpler, devoid of extra decorations or icons, with the sole emphasis on the form and text.

Update! More clean design (2022)

In 2022, the company aims to update the EDS feature to accommodate the growing and categorized menu. To achieve this, I created a new design with a simpler appearance, using mostly white shades.

I incorporated a vector image of a company office building in the background to reinforce the feature's employee-oriented identity. Additionally, I arranged the menu icons vertically, with separate titles for each category, making it easier to add more menus in the future. Wich one do you like?

Project Summary

  • Created: 2020
  • Category: Employee management
  • Client: PT Permodalan Nasional Madani
  • Type: Mobile Webview (ios, android)
  • Role: UX, UI, Visual Design

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