PNM Events

Streamlining Event Management

PNM Events is an application designed to revolutionize the event management process, especially for meetings, seminars, and corporate events. Users simply need to scan the QR code, and based on the location data of the smartphone being used, the participant's attendance data is recorded in the system without the need for manual input or re-registration, eliminating outdated practices. Additionally, organizers receive highly accurate data and attendance reports.

Understand & Research

In designing the flow and user experience of the application, it is crucial to understand the common challenges faced by event organizers and participants. The research involved conducting interviews with potential users and engaging in discussions with the relevant team to identify key problem areas. Based on the research and discussions, the following points were identified:

  • The manual check-in process is time-consuming and prone to errors;
  • Participants often experience long queues during event check-in, even after the event has started;
  • Manually creating attendance data and participant reports is considered complex and unreliable;
  • Organizers require real-time participant data to ensure event efficiency.
  • Wireframing

    To visualize the UI and UX design of this application, a wireframe was created. The wireframe encompasses the check-in process and attendance history for participants, as well as the event creation process, participant list registration, and attendance reporting for event organizers. The wireframe is shared with stakeholders and teams to gather feedback and enhance the design.

  • Check-in & History
  • Event Dashboard
  • Design

    User-friendly interface: The application design embraces a clean and intuitive layout, making it effortless for participants to navigate and carry out actions such as check-in and access event details and history.

    QR code scanning: The prominently displayed QR code button, positioned at the center, ensures that users can swiftly understand the initial action required upon opening the application, enabling them to promptly scan and check-in to events.

    Location-based services: The application leverages the location data from users' smartphones, ensuring greater accuracy in obtained data and precise identification of participants who are present. Participants located outside the event area cannot check-in unless they are within the designated radius required to scan the QR code.

    Event Dashboard: Organizers are provided with an event dashboard that offers comprehensive event attendance data and attendee management capabilities. This includes the ability to input attendee lists, monitor attendance, generate reports, and efficiently manage events.

    Project Summary

    • Created: 2020
    • Category: Event Management
    • Client: PT Permodalan Nasional Madani
    • Type: Mobile Webview
    • Role: UX, UI, Visual Design

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