PNM Runner Club

Empowering Runners through a Comprehensive Running Event App

This project captivates my interest as it combines my understanding of app development with an experience that seamlessly integrates with sports and fosters friendly competition among users. The key features of this project include organizing exhilarating running events, accurately recording users' mileage, and displaying a dynamic leaderboard.

Understand & Research

With the soaring popularity of running and a thriving community of active runners within the company, there arises a need for a system that adds excitement and competitiveness to their running endeavors. Initially, runners engaged in individual or small group activities and relied on different running distance tracking applications to compare their mileage. However, with the integration of PNM Runner and Strava, monitoring their running distances and engaging in friendly competition becomes effortless.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the target users and the market, extensive research was conducted in collaboration with the development team. This involved surveying existing applications, observing runners, and analyzing market trends. Through this research, several key insights were uncovered:

  • Users seek convenience in understanding, registering, and participating in in-app events;
  • Many users rely on a variety of fitness tracking apps to monitor their running distances and set personal goals;
  • Runners demonstrate a strong interest in comparing their running achievements through the leaderboard feature.
  • Wireframing

    Several key wireframes were created, including the event list, participant registration forms, distance traveled tracker, and leaderboard view. These wireframes serve as crucial visual representations of the app's main functionalities.


    The overall visual design prioritizes simplicity and cleanliness, aligning with PNMDigi's signature blue color scheme. This color choice creates a sense of familiarity for users who are also employees of the company.

    The leaderboard design is crafted to be visually appealing, evoking enthusiasm and excitement among users as they engage in friendly competition.


    During the UI and UX design phase, I also created mock-up designs for the app's inaugural event merchandise, which has been introduced since the app's launch. This merchandise serves as prizes for participants, registrants, and winners, including items such as jerseys and medals.

    Project Summary

    • Created: 2020
    • Category: Event Management, Fitness App
    • Client: PT Permodalan Nasional Madani
    • Type: Mobile Webview
    • Role: UX, UI, Visual Design, Product Design

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